5 Entrepreneurial Cinderella Stories That Inspire

| by David Mielach of Business News Daily


Jeni Garrett caught the entrepreneurial bug at a young age.

"Growing up on a dairy farm in the rural countryside of southern Texas, I was immediately drawn to entrepreneurism," said Garrett, president and CEO of the Woodhouse Day Spa. "As a young girl, my first business was selling handpicked flowers at a roadside flower stand. At 14, I owned a cattle business and began buying and selling cattle. In high school, I sold clothing and jewelry at Dallas markets and later went on to work in the health care industry. All of these experiences prepared me for life as a business owner."

So in 2001, at age 21, Garrett and her husband bought a landmark home in Victoria, Texas, and a few months later the first Woodhouse Day Spa was opened. The first franchise was opened in 2003 and today the company has 25 locations in 14 states. In the process the business has gained acclaim as "America's Best Spa Chain" by Day Spa Magazine and was listed as one of the "freshest franchising concepts" in Entrepreneur Magazine.

"Only a year after launching our franchise program, we had opened 10 locations. Within three years, we had 24 locations in operation," Garrett said. "I knew then that I had built an attractive concept that could really take off and withstand the test of time."

Now, Garrett is preparing the company for the future by working on its expansion. In the next five years, Garrett plans on opening more than 100 locations domestically. Additionally, the spa has signed agreements to expand internationally and within the next decade Garrett will open 100 locations in India, the first of which will open in early 2012. The company has also agreed to open 40 locations in Canada in coming years. 



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